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Community Pledge

In order to accomplish our mission and provide service to students, it takes the strength and growth mindset of a community. We pledge to be socially responsible to each other; to stand together, seek to understand and not harm one another. We know that dogma, rumors, and slander can tear at the fiber of a community. We understand that open dialogue and diplomatic communication seems to be a dying strategy, but we as a school community will always come to the table and approach concerns and challenges with the intent to find solutions while recognizing that others with their differences may also be right. We all play a vital role in the health and safety of our environment. We will all adhere to the standards and protocols set to protect our school. Our top priority is to be part of a welcoming school atmosphere wherein there is a sense of belonging among students, teachers, and families.

I Dedicate to Our Community:

  • To adhere to school protocols and standards and to extend grace and patience
    There is an unprecedented amount of stress and uncertainty that comes with being a student who is looking to be an adult. I commit to seeking opportunities to assist rather than exclude and ridicule.

  • To practice daily self-care and assessment with integrity
    I will report concerns and challenges accurately and honestly to seek to be a valuable member of the school community.

  • To support faculty/staff and my student(s) to ensure protocols are easily understood
    In order to ensure clarity and respect, I will not contradict school protocols and practices. Harmful dialogue can affect anyone of any age and I respect that the health of the school community is important to all parties involved. I will train my student(s) to be an active participant in their learning and to seek to understand with open dialogue and healthy communication.

  • To remain flexible
    I realize that we live in an ever-changing world and that, as our school community seeks to utilize best practices, this may require change and flexibility.

  • To communicate transparently
    I will share with school leadership and key stakeholders, especially when information is necessary to ensure the health, safety, and wholeness of the school community.

  • To seek to understand
    I understand that CSS has a diverse student/family body and that we must support one another. I will not display unsafe behavior, shun, or ridicule others because they are different or have opinions that oppose mine.

  • To support the school mission
    I recognize that we are preparing students for a dynamic world and that educating developing minds will take grit, resilience, courage, empathy, and integrity.