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The Colorado Springs School

The Colorado Springs School Difference

Relevant Skills

Our curriculum is academically rigorous and will prepare you for college, but you’ll also graduate with the expertise you need to succeed in a dynamic world.

The Colorado Springs School Difference

Growth Mindset

You will develop strengths in leadership and teamwork, learn how to take initiative and risks, and use creative thinking to solve problems.

The Colorado Springs School Difference

Real-World Experiences

At CSS, the classroom experience is limitless. Active learning is our style, so as a student you’ll be out of your seat, engaging with other students, and enthusiastically participating in your lessons.


Kodiak Athletics

Kodiak Athletics offers opportunities for personal growth in character, leadership, and improved overall mental and physical fitness for students in grades 6-12. Kodiaks prepare, plan, and play to win, but winning is not our sole purpose. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that athletes have a positive experience while implementing challenges to help them reach their fullest potential.