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大学 Counseling

Greetings from our 大学 & Career Counselor

Welcome to the 大学 Counseling program at The Colorado Springs School, where students are supported 和 empowered to navigate the college selection process from grade 10 through their senior year 和, 最终, to take the next step in their academic careers! 大学 counseling is a tradition in my family 和 my one true passion. An experienced 和 dedicated counselor, I’m fully invested in getting to know 和 guiding each 和 every CSS student on this exciting path toward college. I am readily available to meet with current families 和 students to discuss next steps for preparing for the path that lies ahead.

CSS graduates study at colleges 和 universities all over the map, with many earning exceptional scholarships along the way. With help from the 大学 Counseling program, which receives exclusive resources from college associates representing the National Association for 大学 Admission Counseling (NACAC) 和 regularly attends campus tours, our students acquire the knowledge needed to select one or more higher education institutions that best match their unique academic interests, preferred location, desired extracurricular offerings, 和 true fit campus culture.

It’s never too early for students to plan the next step in their academic careers. The best way is to take advantage of college-preparatory experiences 和 opportunities available right here at CSS. The 大学 Counseling program in the Upper School at CSS offers a 大学 Overview course to students in their sophomore year, a 大学 “Bootcamp” in the summer prior to their senior year, 和正在进行的, individualized counseling throughout students’ time as high schoolers. The opportunity to connect our students with such opportunities is both rewarding 和 intellectually engaging.

The college search at CSS begins officially with a 大学 Overview course in the 10th grade. During this course, students learn to use effective college research tools 和 define key vocabulary frequently used throughout the process. 除了, they prepare for st和ardized tests such as the SAT or ACT, explore the role of college admission counselors, 和 discover how higher education institutions review applications 和 make their enrollment decisions.

As students progress toward their junior 和 senior years, the internal college counseling process at CSS becomes more individualized. As a 大学 Counselor, I help students personally strategize for campus visits, prioritize their CSS class schedules, prepare for one-on-one interviews with college representatives, 和 assemble essays 和 application materials.

In the final week of summer beginning of their senior year, students also attend a 大学 “Bootcamp” to get ahead of college application deadlines.

Whatever their needs, I’m here to help CSS students 和 families navigate the confusing, yet satisfying college search 和 application process. 除了 to utilizing these helpful linksrecommended reading list, my door is always open, 和 I am just an email or phone call away to answer any questions you may have.

Erik Playe
Erik Playe

大学 & Career Counselor
(719) 434-3573